Frequently Asked Questions

WealthMagic is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection.
No, wealth magic is used for managing multi asset data. Mutual fund data is updated automatically, while data of other asset classes can be entered manually and through excel import feature.
Yes, BSE Star MF and NSE NMF II API's are integrated in WealthMagic, so with its help advisors can do online transactions.
Data will be on our server which is hosted on NETMAGIC and here your data will be under 3 Tier Security, with advance Firewall protection.
Yes, the data is updated daily through mailback services of RTA, subject to data in the file.
No , we have a comprehensive goal planning where by entering basic details you can do financial planning and create a presentation , which can be mailed to client .
Advisors can get the account statement here but not in the same format as AMC , WealthMagic has its own format which is very similar to AMC’s . And the values are also same .
Brokerage report need to uploaded by the advisors only, it is uploaded once in a month .
Yes , brokerage reconciliation is possible in WealthMagic.
Yes WealthMagic has some extensive features which will help in lead generation from existing client base.
Yes in WealthMagic we have a whole section of downloads, where advisors can get all type of forms related to this industry and also the preprinted and editable forms are available here for all AMC.
Yes, they can update other investments. In mutual funds, we have an option of manual entry, so here advisors can do entries manually and these entries will reflect in clients portfolio.
No, it is not possible to place order without investor confirmation. Investor will receive intimation via mail for payment and order confirmation.
All the options permitted by BSE and NSE are available here.
Yes , WealthMagic has sub-broker module as well . Where advisors can add the sub broker working under them and then process the brokerage from WealthMagic only.
No, advisors need to do that on their client’s behalf. Both the options, manual entry and excel import, are available.
In WealthMagic you will get the comparison for health but not for motor.
Yes, advisors can send both text messages and emails for communication through WealthMagic as it comprises of communication panel.
Yes with WealthMagic your investors will also get a login from where they can get their wealth portfolios snapshot with all the important reports.
Yes this is possible in investor login.
Wealth Magic Supports Multiple ARNs .
No, only through the primary ARN online transaction can be done.
No, IFA will not get any intimation if an investor places order from his login.
Yes, in WealthMagic Franklin and Sundaram data gets uploaded daily.
No, purchase can only be done for mutual funds not for any other asset class.
Yes, ULIP values get updated on daily basis.
Yes, in WealthMagic you will find all the companies data for general insurance.
Yes, principal broker's data can also be updated in WealthMagic.
No, KYC is not possible through WealthMagic .
No, but we are coming up with the same.
Yes, in wealth magic reports can be scheduled for clients.

WealthMagic is a part of the Fintso bouquet of solutions for modern financial advisors. It is a versatile technology platform providing back-office and front-office solutions simplifying complex business requirements for a financial advisory practice irrespective of its size. Our highly secure and flexible platform is user-friendly and intuitive, and helps bridge the gap between advisors and their clients through online transaction execution, robust reporting and the MyWealth app.

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