Online MF Transactions – Buy / Redeem / Switch

Well, actually Mutual Funds have been available on the online platform for some time now. But either they have been available on the respective AMC website or such facility has been provided till date by only institutional / national distributors.

At an IFA level, this is seldom seen. Some IFAs who have created their own websites are redirecting the customer to the AMC website to complete the transaction.

WealthMagic makes this dream facility a reality. It provides your investor a seamless experience of selecting and buying mutual funds from your own website / mobile app without making them register with each AMC.

This is how it works:
Your investor needs to register only once for participating in online transactions.
No need to register with each AMC.
You can submit investor registration documents electronically.
No need to send paper documents.
You can register the investor through WealthMagic or your investor can also register themselves through your website or mobile app.
Once registered, the investor can place orders directly on your website or through your mobile app
You can also place orders on behalf of your investors
All orders placed and paid before 1 pm are transacted on the same day.
All orders are booked under your own ARN
After the transaction the process is the same. i.e. The RTA processes the same and you get the data feed as usual from CAMS / Karvy
The investors can enjoy the following online transactions
Buy new scheme
Buy new scheme Additional purchase in existing folio (even if the existing investment was not purchased online)
Redeem Units
(even if they were not purchased online)
Switch Units
from one scheme to another
So, go ahead and create a striking impression on your investors
with this great feature offered by