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Child Career Planning

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Wealth Creation

Here are some of the sure shot, impact creating solutions that
we bring to you in WealthMagic:

Ultra Retire

A unique regular income solution equipped with unmatched flexibility to choose upon, this solution is over and above to all available and discontinued solution of industry. Invest may get following benefits:

Life Cover

Lumpsum at the end of the term

Fixed income thereafter for life time.

Life cover during the income period.

No Locking.

The Key difference is that Ultra Retire is created with a combination of Mutual Fund and a term plan        and the overall outcome is far superior to traditional insurance plan.

Ultra ChildSecure

Ultra ChildSecure is a customized financial solution prepared especially for you to safeguard the objectives of meeting your financial goal. It is a blend of insurance and systematic investments to ensure that your child's Future financial requirement will be funded with you and even without you.

This unique combo of SIP and a Term Life Insurance Plan enables the customer to save towards the career goal of their children.

The key feature is that it ASSURES the target goal even if the parent ceases to live.

The protection element in this plan makes sure that the SIPs will continue to be funded even after the death of the life assured.