Create effective Goal based Financial Plans and Track them too

Deliver highest level of investment satisfaction to your customers by using our Goal based financial plans. Create comprehensive yet very concise goal based plans for your customers. Capture existing provisions made towards a goal and identify the gap. Recommend a investment plan based on the risk profile of the customer. Track and review theplan performance and get advice for corrections to be made in case of deviations.

Salient Features of our Goal based Financial Planning Module

Planning for 3 types of goals

Lump sum
Regular Income
Customized Goal

Auto-create goal based plan from Ultra Plans

Asset Allocation based on Risk Profile of the customer

Support for existing provisions through diverse asset classes

Select funds to recommend on basis of various performance metrics or pick a model portfolio

Create your own model portfolio or access one from Datacomp provided library

Map customer MF portfolio to the goals

Set review dates and get alerts as and when they are due

Review goals professionally with our advanced goal review system and advise corrections for any deviations