Third-Party Integration

Get Data Insights & Business Agility for enterprise systems

Our plug and play system architecture enables us to create APIs which can communicate with third-party applications and send/receive data making it convenient for users to get a complete 360 view of customer information.

Key Highlights of our Integration Layer

  • It is a set of well defined APIs and controls to consolidate and store data from multiple systems.
  • The layer offers a fast, simple and structured way for multiple systems to communicate data with each other.
  • It is built on the principal of configuration over customisation allowing rapid deployment of changes without business downtime.
  • It has a robust audit, logging, tracking, and monitoring capabilities to support quick troubleshooting and management reporting.
  • It is high availability system design supporting large transaction volumes with best in class performance & minimal response time.

Our API layers ensure data consolidation across front, mid and back offices, easily integrates with in-house of third-party applications, and provides a unified layer that enables processing of multi-asset classes.

Benefits of the Integration Layer


  • Offers a uniform interface to interact with
  • Standardised data push/pull interfaces for systems & data gateways

Loose Coupling

  • Reduces the real-time dependency and availability of any sub-system
  • Easier to replace any subsystem with no impact on front office or portal
  • Standardised interface from portal to portal connected sub-systems

Data Consistency

  • Enforce consistency across the data shared
  • Perform normalisation, de-duplication to improve quality of data

Reporting Datamart

  • Store most frequently accessed data in its processed form thereby creating intermediary data access platform
  • Standardised data push/pull interfaces for systems & data gateways

System Independence

  • Reduces real-time dependency on the availability of the underlying sub-system
  • Extend features of other systems through API
  • Replace or upgrade any underlying sub-system without changes in front office or portal

Better Performance & Availability

  • Increased performance, due to the minimal and uniform set of interactions & processed data availability
  • Downtime in sub-systems is localised and no impact to the front office and portal availability

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